Sick Day Handbook: Strategies And Techniques for Faking It
Sick Day Handbook: Strategies And Techniques for Faking It

Sick Day Handbook: Strategies And Techniques for Faking It

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Bishop, Ellie
Weve all been there. The alarm goes off, and the thought of your morning commute, a buttoned-up shirt, and e-mail makes you want to cry. You dont want to go to workYOU CANT. So whats a 9-to-5er to do? KISS: Keep it Simple, Sickie. "Im (sniffle) not feeling well, got this scratchy feeling in my throat (cough), think itd be best for me to sit this one out, boss." Click. Congratulations, you just called in sick and were lying through your down comforter about it. Ahh, the thrill of deceit!

Lets be honestat least briefly. Sometimes you just need a day. The Sick Day Handbook is your guide to freedom. In Ellies words, "This is a course in manipulation . . . This is about lying." Anyone who reads to "the end" and follows Bishops creative instructions will have earned their DDD: Doctor of Downright Devious.

Filled with symptoms and prescriptions for common illnesses and proper stage-setting techniques to pull off the previously unthinkable Tuesday-after-a-long-weekend call-in (your pregnant friend had the baby!), youll have a pool of credible excuses just waiting to be used (scripts included).

If you thought it couldnt get any betterwell, read on. Your boss will think you are such a moral person (what a doll . . . taking care of your elderly neighbor and her 3-legged cat all the while suffering from Vertigo and an IBS flare-up) hell practically beg you to take a day off!

So what are you waiting for, nervous dialers? Get your slippers ondaytime television awaits you. Learn our tricks and no one will ever doubt your "flu" again!

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