Secret Cities of Old South America (Atlantis Reprint)

Secret Cities of Old South America (Atlantis Reprint)

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Harold T. Wilkins (Author)
This is a reprint of the rare and long out of print 1952 classic by the noted British adventure writer, famed of for his flying saucer and Atlantis theories.

Claiming that South America is the Atlantis of myth and legend, chapters on this marvelous reprint includes chapters on:

-- Atlantis Unveiled
-- Red Riddle on the Rocks
-- South America's Amazons
-- The Mystery of El Dorado
-- Gran Payatiti -- the final refuge of the Incas
-- Monstrous Beasts of the Unexplored Swamps & Wilds
-- Weird Denizens of Antediluvian Forests
-- New Light on Atlantis From the World's Oldest Book
-- The Mystery of Noah and the Ark

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