School of the Soul: Its Path and Pitfalls
School of the Soul: Its Path and Pitfalls

School of the Soul: Its Path and Pitfalls

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Z'ev Ben Shimon Halevi
Describes how a school originates and passes through the initial stages of enthusiasm and difficulties to become a stable vehicle for disseminating a profound teaching. Formerly titled School Of Kabbalah. This is an unusual book. It has been written for students of the kabbalistic tradition to provide a basic history and background of the esoteric school for modern people who want to create a "school" of their own. This happens in a number of ways - students sometimes band together in order to create a group that studies, matures, and grows together, on the one hand; or a "school" provides a place where people can live together to create an atmosphere for learning of a specific kind. Halevi describes various levels of enthusiasm, the patterns that emerge, the spiritual life that is possible, the problems that occur when people are at different stages of study and understanding. The presentation is like having a personal conversation with Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi - and the end result of having this conversation may be that you decide to live the School of the Soul in your own life.

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