School of Awake: A Girl's Guide to the Universe
School of Awake: A Girl's Guide to the Universe

School of Awake: A Girl's Guide to the Universe

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Kidada Jones (Author)

The One and Only Girlï¾’s Guide to Greatness

Do you believe in wishes?
Did you know you are made of stardust?
Have you ever been curious about how you fit into this big old universe?

Kidada Jones invites you to join School of Awake, where you will explore our amazing world while getting to know and love your authentic self. Kidada understands the challenges you face and offers dozens of ways to keep it real and navigate the world without losing sight of whatï¾’s important. Experience the light within you through colorful illustrations, fun facts, mystical, heart-centered activities, and timeless wisdom.

Explore dozens of ways to be yourself and cruise through the world without forgetting what matters most. Through Q&As, ceremonies, crafts, and even recipes, youï¾’ll learn how to:

- build a kit of tools that will make your life better and truly yours
- resist bullying by putting bullies on ice
- create a giant dream catcher, a モgalaxy on the go,ヤ and affirmation flags
- connect to your heart in difficult moments
- make a personalized wish jar for your best and brightest dreams

This unique introduction to mind, body, and spirit consciousness overflows with empowering advice for becoming your best self. It will fill you with a sense of being connected to the entire universe while standing firmly in your one-of-a-kind beauty. Each page brims with powerful, positive energy to help you move through your life with joy and love.

This is not like any school youï¾’ve ever attended ï¾— or any book youï¾’ve ever read!

モA ton of fun, full of adventure, wisdom, and power! Youメll want to return to School of Awake again and again, and youメll always discover something new. Enjoy!ヤ
ï¾— Rashida Jones, from the foreword

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