Sanando Con Alimentos Integrales: Tradiciones Asiticas y Nutritin Moderna

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Pitchford, Paul
"Healing with Whole Foods "is recognized internationally as the authoritative source on integrative and personalized nutrition, merging modern nutrition with insights from ancient Asian traditions. Its more than 700 pages provide life-enhancing guidelines to renewal and rejuvenation, allowing readers to develop an optimal diet to fit their constitutional type. The book includes current guidelines on nutrition basics from fats and oils, sugars and sweeteners, and water to seaweeds, green foods, and other nutritional items. Chinese and Indian ayurvedic healing arts are explored in depth. Pitchford offers clear information on how to gently transition to a diet of whole grains and fresh vegetables, with over 300 simple, tasty vegan recipes and data on the healing properties of these foods. Individual sections cover weight loss, women s health, digestive problems, food combining, fasting, children, pregnancy, aging, and more. Detailed regenerative diets and herbal treatments for cancer, arthritis, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, AIDS, and other degenerative conditions are here, along with a parasite purge program tailored to specific body types.

This Spanish-language edition reinforces the Latino community s traditional ideas about nutrition and healing while also explaining the relevance of these practices in a North American context.

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