Rohrig Tarot Book, The

Rohrig Tarot Book, The

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Carl-W Rohrig (Author), Francesca Marzano-Fritz (Author)
Rohrig's Tarot is a living work of art, a synthesis of past, present and future. Rohrig's transcendent vision enhances the power of a centuries-old divination tool and brings it to the modern age. Francesca Marzano-Fritz developed a unique interpretation of the individual cards in the Rohrig deck, based on her thirty years of experience with tarot. The stories and explanation for each card open the door to the world revealed through meditative experience with tarot. They provide a thorough understanding of the Rohrig deck, as well as unique insights into work with other decks. The Rohrig Tarot Book presents a detailed analysis of each card in the Major Arcana and a summarized explanation for the cards of the Minor Arcana. The Rohrig Tarot Book is further enhance for the reader with an introduction to the meaning and history of the Tarot and outline some simple card spreads. Each of the 78 Rohrig tarot cards is depicted in full color.

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