Riding Out the Storm
Riding Out the Storm

Riding Out the Storm

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Jones, Claudia
Fifteen-year-old Emily has never wondered if she''s had past lives-she''s too busy thinking about the life she''s living. Between taking care of her horse Moonie, keeping up with homework, and fending off the school bully who picks on her best friend for being chubby, Emily''s got enough on her plate. But after she nearly drowns in the new pool at her middle school, she begins having recurring nightmares that lead her to think that this life may not be her first.

"Riding out the Storm" is a modern tale that chronicles a young girl''s journey into recalling a past-life and how she copes with the outcome. Spiritual and believable, this novel features a charismatic narrator who learns to listen to the signals around her and trust her instincts. Along her journey, Emily finds herself anxious to learn all she can about reincarnation, and she discovers the value of reaching out to not-so-unfamiliar strangers to repair relationships long interrupted.

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