Revolt of the Rebel Angels: The Future of the Multiverse [Paperback]
Revolt of the Rebel Angels: The Future of the Multiverse [Paperback]

Revolt of the Rebel Angels: The Future of the Multiverse [Paperback]

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Timothy Wyllie (Author)

A rebel angelï¾’s perspective on the Lucifer Rebellion 203,000 years ago and her insight into its past and future effects on consciousness

ユ Explores how the angelic revolt led to Earthメs celestial quarantine for more than 200,000 years

ユ Draws parallels between the Process Church and the Lucifer Rebellion

ユ Describes the rise and fall of Lemuria in connection with the rebel angels

ユ Reveals how the 100 million angels currently incarnated in human bodies can help with Earthメs return to the Multiverse and the coming transformation of consciousness

After 200 millennia of celestial quarantine in the wake of Luciferï¾’s angelic revolt, Earth and the rebel angels isolated here are being welcomed back into the benevolent and caring Multiverse. With this redemption comes a massive transformation of consciousness and a reconnection to our cosmic destiny. But why did the angels revolt and how has that event shaped our planetï¾’s past and its future?

Writing through Timothy Wyllie, rebel angel Georgia shares insights from her half a million years stationed on Earth as a watcher and from her part in the angelic revolution. She reveals details of the Lucifer Rebellion, including the role played by Planetary Prince Caligastia and his team of angelic administrators--thought by some to be the Nephilim or Anunnaki of Sumerian myth--who followed Lucifer into the rebellion, ultimately leading to the quarantine of Earth and 36 other planets. Interweaving her story with events from Wyllieï¾’s life, Georgia draws parallels between Wyllieï¾’s involvement with the Process Church in the 1960s and the events of the angelic rebellion and celestial quarantine. She explores the rise and fall of the island civilization of Lemuria, or Mu, as well as Atlantis and the Maya.

Georgia reveals there are more than 100 million rebel angels currently granted mortal incarnation on Earth at all levels of society and in all countries--most of whom are still unaware of their angelic heritage. Now that we are free of Prince Caligastiaï¾’s behind-the-scenes manipulations, the stage is set for the rebel angels to begin redeeming their past and help Earth realize its significance in the wondrous destiny of the Multiverse.

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