Resurrecting Langston Blue (C J Floyd Mystery) (Hardcover)

Resurrecting Langston Blue (C J Floyd Mystery) (Hardcover)

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Greer, Robert
Carmen Nguyen never knew her father, Langston Blue, an army sergeant presumably killed in Vietnam. Enlisting the help of Denver's CJ Floyd, a streetwise African American bail bondsman and Vietnam vet, and Flora Jean Benson, CJ's new partner, Carmen charts a course to find her father a complex, dangerous course that untangles a decades-old mystery involving the disappearance of Amerasian war babies, illegal U.S. paramilitary operations, yellow journalism, and governmental double crosses. In the process of resurrecting and reconstructing her fathers past, Carmen, CJ, and Flora Jean find themselves facing a treacherous, life-threatening assignment as they follow a trail of double deals, blueprints for genetic cleansing, Vietnamese racism, political corruption, and power grabs that leads all the way to the halls of the U.S. Senate.

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