Reiki & Sound (RWW)
Reiki & Sound (RWW)

Reiki & Sound (RWW)

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Dick de Ruiter, Rainer Tillmann & Simone Drenkelfort
A great introduction for beginners, this book reveals many things worth knowing about Reiki, the universal life energy. Experience practitioners will also find here a unique application of this healing energy; channeling it along with music as a harmonizing sound bath during healing sessions. The sounds on the enclosed CD, with a total playing time of 75 minutes, have been especially designed for this purpose.

As a permanently audible basic tone, the beautiful and deep sun tone recorded here was created by the reverberation of two large singing bowls. A Reiki treatment of self-treatment that is accompanied by music based on the sun tone will give you an intense and complete experience of the universal life energy. It will also touch a special resonance withinthat of the sun and earth.

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