Reality Works (RWW)
Reality Works (RWW)

Reality Works (RWW)

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Chandra Alexander
Combining eastern wisdom with a hip, contemporary, very American point of view, Reality Works is a refreshing look at life and its periods of celebration and desolation. Fifty-two simple, succinct chapters (one for every week in the year) provide brief but explicit lessons on how to live with a grounding sense of wonder and full responsibility.

Chapters include
When You Are Confused, Do Nothing
Love Grows If You're Not In A Coma
You Are Always In The Right Place At The Right Time
Becoming Less - Not An Option "Regardless of how clever we are, reality is. There is no way around it... What is real delivers peace,"

Chandra Alexander writes in the introduction. "The dark places we run from - those are the places we need to go. What we are most afraid of sets us free." From loneliness to relationships, workaholism to priority shifts, learning to leave things alone to learning to pay attention, Reality Works offers fifty-two ways to live a richer, more authentic life.

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