Ralph H. Blum's Little Book of Runic Wisdom
Ralph H. Blum's Little Book of Runic Wisdom

Ralph H. Blum's Little Book of Runic Wisdom

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Blum, Ralph H.
Since its first publication nearly 20 years ago, Ralph Blums The Book of Runes has brought inspiration and comfort to millions of people around the world. Every culture for the whole of recorded history has possessed some form of oracular tradition, and the primary function of Runesstones and cards alikeis to help us get our bearings in life. An ancient Western alphabet last used in Iceland during the late Middle Ages, the Runes may have originated as long ago as the Bronze Age. Ralph has found the Runes to be a strong teacher and wise companion, and he now offers thoughts that have illuminated his path in the hope that they will illuminate yours too.

Ralph H. Blums Little Book of Runic Wisdom is a pocket-sized book of days which can be consulted daily or dipped into randomly to provide wisdom and guidance whenever it is needed. A large part of the book is made up of quotations taken from the authors own bestselling books on the Runes. There are also previously unpublished extracts from the authors working notes for his many Rune-related titles. This book is completed with a selection of quotes, poetry, jokes, and proverbs from many personal contacts and other diverse sources to bring inspiration and humor to every day.

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