Raging Beauties
Raging Beauties

Raging Beauties

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Wright, Tim
Can we talk? Listen up, ladies - every woman's got a right to rage! And we all know there can be plenty to dish about, given the chance. So, here it is - a book of extremely opinionated, hot (and bothered) tamales to justify every wanton and wayward gripe: Raging Beauties: Confessions & Advice. Each colorful page features images of sassy retro gals sharing true-to-life bitchy comments.

Tim Wright has been scouring garage sales in San Francisco, church basements in New York, and flea markets in Paris to garner the images that grace this book--as well as his popular handmade cards and gift items. Here he pairs these images with razor sharp sayings, a talent inherited from his mother, Dolly.

Think gift. Think any occasion--from the divorce is final to the birthday is a BIG ONE! A nifty package, complete with a spinner wheel of "advice" on the front cover. Turn the wheel to the proper setting to personalize your gift. The choices are to be perfect, brilliant, right, evolved, sassy, on top, a bitch, lusty, irreplaceable, sensational, and inspired--good advice for good times!

* Author is the founder of the Wright Card & Gift Company, which produces popular handmade gift items.

* The book features one-of-a-kind images the author has been collecting over the last decade.

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