Quest for the Green Man, The [Hardcover]
Quest for the Green Man, The [Hardcover]

Quest for the Green Man, The [Hardcover]

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John Matthews (Author)
The Green Man is the archetype of the generative masculine energy of the earth. In the ancient mythology of myriad cultures, he is Mother Nature's consort--and their lusty union is what makes the earth fertile again every spring. Now, John Matthews says, the Green Man is reemerging to balance the stereotype of Man as Destroyer and to heal our relationship with the natural world. With stories, lore, and poetry, Matthews tracks the Green Man in his many guises throughout history and as an icon in the modern ecological movement. His lush text is enriched with illustrations ranging from medieval architecture to modern art and with simple meditations for finding the Green Man in the forest of our own imagination. Altogether, this lively book will delight the eye, thrill the story-loving heart, and quicken the spirit.

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