Psychic Politics (RWW)
Psychic Politics (RWW)

Psychic Politics (RWW)

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Psychic Politics is the result of Jane Roberts's search for the rules that govern our inner lives-the links between our daily, subjective experience and the greater Reality that nourishes all of our existence. This is not only her most challenging book, but a very personal investigation in which the sources of dream and myth, and the creative wellsprings of sex and spirituality, appear in their full and breathtaking relationship to daily life.

And here for the first time, Roberts introduces three concepts that are key to understanding her entire body of work: the library, a super-real storehouse of "probably" books that tell of the paths human consciousness has not yet taken; counterparts, simultaneous incarnations living on earth today so as to broaden the fabric of their individual soul's experience; and the codicils, an alternative set of rules for human existence that could transform the framework of our entire civilization.

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