Prayer Chest, The: A Tale about the Power of Faith, Community, and Love

Prayer Chest, The: A Tale about the Power of Faith, Community, and Love

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August Gold (Author), Joel Fotinos (Author)
Since the beginning of time men and women everywhere have prayed millions of prayers daily. Why, then, are only a handful answered? What roles do luck, chance, and fate play in our lives? How can we discover and live our destiny? Rich in romance, mystery, and spiritual insight, this wise and warm parable will revolutionize everything youve ever thought about prayer.

Joseph Hutchinsons life has been filled with misfortune and adversity. A widowed father of two living on a farm that is about to be taken from him, Joseph embarks on a mission to save his children and himself. This quest brings him face-to-face with his greatest fears and ultimately leads him to his greatest discovery a mysterious wooden box that has been hidden in his attic for more than one hundred years. This box, the Prayer Chest, contains secrets that will change Josephs and your life. This inspirational story speaks to everyone who has ever struggled and despaired, everyone who has prayed without receiving an obvious answer, and everyone who wonders about the true meaning and ultimate destiny of their life in short, everyone.

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