Playing With Fire (Fortune Tellers Club)
Playing With Fire (Fortune Tellers Club)

Playing With Fire (Fortune Tellers Club)

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Enderle, Dotti
Can divination and magic help the girls solve this latest burning mystery?

The second installment of the Fortune Tellers Club series crackles with suspense! Anne Donovan has a crush on Eric, the new boy at school. No one knows much about him except that he transferred schools after his house went up in flames.

Anne and her two friends, who call themselves The Fortune Tellers Club, spread the tarot cards to predict Anne's future as Eric's girlfriend. When a series of fires breaks out, including one that destroys the school library, their attention turns to a more burning question. Does Eric possesses a special power-pyrokinesis? They set to work searching for answers before everything around them turns to cinders.

Selling Features
•A middle-grade novel (ages 8-12) about a trio of twelve-year-old girls who must solve the mystery of who or what is starting fires around town
•Centers on practical fortune telling to solve a mystery
•Introduces new forms of divination to an age group particularly interested in fortune telling

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