Plan and Finance Your Family's College Dreams [1st Edition]
Plan and Finance Your Family's College Dreams [1st Edition]

Plan and Finance Your Family's College Dreams [1st Edition]

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John Hupalo (Author), Peter Mazareas (Author)

Peterson’s Plan and Finance Your Family's College Dreams 1st Edition

Planning and paying for a college education is a challenging task for most parents. It can be a stressful and costly process that requires both a well-planned academic and financial strategy. This guide offers just that!

Two of the nation's leading college planning and financing experts provide clear step-by-step guidance on how to successfully plan for, save, apply to, and finance a college education, including the benefits of a 529 plan

Authors John Hupalo and Peter Mazareas PhD have received outstanding

5 star reviews for this guide.

Some customer comments on the website include:

“This book is a must read for parents with children, of all ages, who plan to send their kids to college. In understandable terms, Hupalo and Mazareas, have demystified the college finance and admissions process with easy-to-follow steps to college finance self-sufficiency.”


“As a financial advisor of 20 years, I found this book to be an ideal balance of easy to read, substantial range of information, and helpful at the same time. Well written! I intend to buy several to hand out to my clients who have children or grandchildren heading to college.”

Chapters include:

Saving for college. Start now!
529 Plans - excellent savings vehicles
Financial aid primer - the basics
Scholarships - get free money!
Student loans - finding the right balance
Tax benefits - tax credits and deductions
College admissions - prepare, prepare, prepare
The application - pulling it all together
Financial aid - the second college application process

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