Pilgrimage: Twenty Journeys to Inspire the Soul [Hardcover]
Pilgrimage: Twenty Journeys to Inspire the Soul [Hardcover]

Pilgrimage: Twenty Journeys to Inspire the Soul [Hardcover]

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David Souden (Author)
Following ancient footsteps, today's pilgrims travel, not as tourists, but as spiritual seekers with a sense that their destination has sacred meaning far beyond its literal surroundings. Pilgrimage traces twenty great, age-old journeys to sites all over the world. It evokes the aspirations of pilgrims past and present and describes the beauty and strangeness of the roads they travel. Some journeys are arduous---the long trek to Mount Khailasa in Tibet, for instance, or the one to Mecca every devout Muslim dreams of making. Others are poignant, such as the one the dwindling number of Native American Zuni people make to Corn Mountain, New Mexico, in the tradition of their once flourishing civilization. But all such journeys---whether to Jewish/Muslim/Christian Jerusalem or to Hindu Pandharpur; whether to the Black Madonna in Czestochowa, Poland, or to the Buddhist shrines in Kyoto, Japan; whether to the healing waters of Lourdes, France, or to the Mormon Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah--are enacted in dramatic affirmation to achieve transformation. Illustrated in full color, this book is a stunning celebration of those journeys.

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