Peanut's Revenge
Peanut's Revenge

Peanut's Revenge

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Jackson, Renay
A blistering follow-up to "Turf War, Peanut's Revenge" opens with the release of criminal kingpin Big Ed Tatum from jail after the only witness to his crime is murdered. What's his first task as a free man? To track down his rival Silky, who soon turns up dead. Silky's woman, Melody Bordeaux (aka Peanut), vows revenge. But complications arise when Peanut's adored little sister Crystal falls in love with Big Ed. Peanut follows Big Ed to his parents' house where he stores his stash of drugs, money, and guns. Working on a parallel track are police team Johnson and Hernandez. As always, Jackson paints an unforgettable picture of the mean streets and lost souls of the urban underworld in his distinctive style. What makes this entry stand out from its predecessors is Jackson's sizzling portrait of a female protagonist who will do whatever it takes to avenge the death of the man she loved.

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