Patient One: A Novel
Patient One: A Novel

Patient One: A Novel

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Leonard Goldberg (Author)

U.S. President John Merrill is hosting Russian President Dimitri Suslev at a glittering state dinner to celebrate a new economic pact. As the after-dinner toasts begin, the two leaders, their wives, and scores of prominent guests become violently ill. Merrill and Suslev, along with the other stricken guests, are rushed to the nearest hospital. As Secret Service agents struggle to secure the hospital and locate Merrillï¾’s daughter, the Presidentï¾’s personal physician ï¾— whoï¾’s been withholding critical medical information about the Commander-in- Chief ï¾— tries desperately to stabilize the President.

In the chaos, Chechen terrorists make their move, breaching the secured area and taking both presidents hostage. Emergency-room physician David Ballineau, a former commando struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, and trauma nurse Carolyn Ross may be the President Merrillï¾’s only hope for survival.

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