One Night Only [Paperback]
One Night Only [Paperback]

One Night Only [Paperback]

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Violet Blue (Editor)

Have you ever had one chance - or one night - to have hot, reckless sex? One Night Only is a compendium of the most refined zipless f*ck fantasies imaginable. Chance encounters, secret oral sex, frenzied public sex... The expertly crafted characters in these riveting stories gotta have it, and they need it now. In "Subway Subterfuge" by May Deva a young woman is attracted to a hot guy on the subway; next time she spots him, they move to the back of the crowded car where we find out she's the one driving the anonymous public frisson. "Maid Service" by Jan Darby centers on a downwardly mobile young lady who's currently working as a maid when a guest, an attractive man, catches her in the room, they flirt over the chocolate rose on the pillow, and he coaxes her into some slightly kinky sex, which she very much wants. Austin Stevens' "Belle de Soir" follows a young woman that goes to work as a high class hooker for just two days with the plan of heading for Europe on the money she'll make, not expecting to get more than the needs of her pocketbook met. Sexy fun at the trendy punk salon is what we find in "Just a Little Trim" by Kristina Wright when a hot former marine comes in for a trim and we find ourselves surprised at what a clever, horny hairdresser can do with a minimum of time and cover at the shampoo station. "Tournament" by Abby Abbot is the most unpredictable story in the lot; here, a college girl plays online chess and she's out for both blood and money when she agrees to an in-person match with someone she's been playing called "JazzStar." The meeting and the match feel tense, dangerous and finishes with an unusual, frenzied erotic battle. Even if you've only ever longed for a one night stand, a quickie with a hot and dominant customer at work, getting your hands and mouth on a longtime crush, or picking up a little side action while indulging in a mistaken identity opportunity... One Night Only will feed your wildest fantasies and stoke embers in your hottest memories of one-time fantasy fulfillment. The stories here are all about women and men (and couples) who are erotic chance-takers, each and every one of them, and all of them emerge deliciously satisfied.

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