Noah's Wife: The Story of Naamah
Noah's Wife: The Story of Naamah

Noah's Wife: The Story of Naamah

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Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg
From award-winning author Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, a new story which lights our spiritual imaginations. When God tells Noah to bring the animals of the world onto the ark, God also calls on Naamah, Noah's wife, to save each plant on Earth. Entrusted with this task, Naamah sets off to every corner of the world, discovering a fabulous array of growing things, and gathering seeds, bulbs, cuttings, spores, and roots. She fills a room on the ark with every type of plant from amaryllis, soybeans, and wheat to lilies, moss, and even dandelions. Then, after 40 long days and nights on the ark, the most important part of Naamah's work begins. In this new story, based on an ancient text, Naamah's wisdom and love for the natural harmony of the earth inspires us to use our own courage, creativity, and faith to carry out Naamah's work today.

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