Neurosphere: The Convergence of Evolution, Group Mind, and the Internet

Neurosphere: The Convergence of Evolution, Group Mind, and the Internet

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Dulchinos, Donald P.
According to Donald Dulchinos, the real action on the Internet isnt in the realm of commerce. It is, plain and simple, in the realm of religion. But not exactly that old-time religion. This book is about the spiritual impact of our increasing ability to communicate quickly and with enhanced evolution. Its about our search for meaning, our hunger for a glimpse at humanitys future development in whichfrighteningly or excitinglythe trend is clearly toward increasing integration of telecommunications and information technology with the body itself. Electronic prosthetics, direct neural implants, and the brains control of electronic and mechanical limbs move the boundary that used to exist between human and machine to some undefined frontier inside our bodies, our brains, and, perhaps, our minds.

Dulchinos traces ideas of evolution, anthropology, biology, and theologyall of which point toward a betterment, a unityand argues cogently that these ideas find their embodiment in the technology of the World Wide Web. Neurosphere or God or Group Mindcall it what you willis about technology and the mechanics of unity.

Although other books on new technology and new consciousness touch on many of the ideas in Neurosphere, none do so in quite such a straightforward, logical way. Dulchinos has a way of telling personal stories that make the technical accessible to the dreamer, the spiritual comprehensible to the skeptic, and the future of body technology less fear-inducing to everyone.

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