Nei Jia Quan, 2nd edition: Internal Martial Arts
Nei Jia Quan, 2nd edition: Internal Martial Arts

Nei Jia Quan, 2nd edition: Internal Martial Arts

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Jess O'Brien
In this illuminating book, prominent masters offer an informed, inside view of the Chinese internal martial arts known collectively as nei jia quanthose practices that emphasize awareness of the spirit, mind, qi (breath, or energy flow), and the use of relaxed leverage rather than brute force. Drawing from enduring traditions practiced in China, America, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan, Nei Jia Quan features a wide range of perspectives on tai ji, xing yi, ba gua, and others. Each teacher gives a sense of the history of his or her art, its philosophical and spiritual underpinnings, and training techniques, offering students simple strategies for incorporating a variety of approaches into their own studies. Probing questions elicit thoughtful answers throughout, giving the book the feeling of a personal conversation with the master. Authoritative biographies and photographs both recent and historical provide additional insight into teachings of instructors such as Gabriel Chin, Tim Cartmell, Paul Gale, Fong Ha, Luo De Xiu, Allen Pittman, William Lewis, Tony Yang, Zhao Da Yuan, Bruce Frantzis, and others. This revised, completely updated edition profiles four new teachers, with new photographs and artwork included.

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