Murder at Witches' Bluff
Murder at Witches' Bluff

Murder at Witches' Bluff

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Ravenwolf, Silver
Renowned author Silver RavenWolf unites puzzling mystery, shocking horror and real magick in this adult-themed novel, creating a page-turning delight. As the nights of the year get longer, this is an ideal book to read curled up in front of a fire, or safely tucked under the covers.

The story of Murder at Witches' Bluff takes place in Cold Springs, an evil place with an evil history. As with many small towns, the citizens have many skeletons in their closets. As the mystery unfolds, you'll wonder if someone is willing to kill to make sure those secrets are not revealed.

Siren McKay returns to this, her hometown, to sort her head out. She has been acquitted of murdering her lover because of the testimony of a stranger. The truth is, she killed the man! But why did she do it? Why did the stranger lie to save her? And why does the entire town hate her so? Is it only because they wrongly think she is a Witch? Do they have other, darker hatred? Is she really a Witch?

Together with Tanner the alcoholic firefighter, and Billy the carousing cop, the three must stop the string of mysterious fires that are ravaging the town. Meanwhile, the body count starts to rise. Can they trust the mysterious Lexi, a retired, wealthy stage magician? What secrets does he know that he is not revealing? Which side is he really on?

And then there is the mysterious and beautiful Gemma, Siren's half-sister. Just how far will Gemma's perversions and hatred of Siren go?

This exciting novel will keep you in heart-numbing suspense as you go through the twists and turns of revelation. For exciting fiction with real magick, this book is a must!

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