Morning Has Been All Night Coming [Paperback] [DMGD]
Morning Has Been All Night Coming [Paperback] [DMGD]

Morning Has Been All Night Coming [Paperback] [DMGD]

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*** This is a new, never read book. It has a few blemishes such as a crease or edge-wear on the cover, remainder mark, but it is still crisp and new on the inside and it makes for a great reading copy. ***

John Harricharan (Author)

When the road seems long and dark...A message of strength and renewal for us all. The light of hope vanished in John when his wife died, leaving him with two children to raise and the rest of his life to rethink. Surrounded by a haze of emptiness and futility, he could only dimly recall the joys of his former existenceand the strange, miraculous encounters he had once had with a wise "businessman" named Gideon.

Then the light reappeared as Gideon returned, introducing john to magical new worlds of inner peace, understanding and love. Slowly, and almost despite himself, John felt his grief turning to hope, his despair to trimuph, and his worries to a playful curiosity about what lay ahead.

In this intimate story of loss, devastation and rebirth, John Harricharan mystically blends personal experience with parable to reawaken the infinite beauty, compassion and power, which exist within us all.

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