Miniatures of a Zen Master - Hardcover

Miniatures of a Zen Master - Hardcover

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Robert Aitken and Nelson Foster
For more than four decades, Robert Aitken Roshi has taught thousands of people the Buddhist practice of Zen meditation, and has led hundreds through their practice of the study of traditional koans. He has authored more than a dozen books, including a celebrated appreciation of Bashos haiku; volumes of commentary on sacred texts; works on ethics, daily life, and social action; and one of the best-loved introductions to Zen Buddhism, Taking the Path of Zen. After a long and remarkable lifehe will be 91 years old when this collection is publishedAitken Roshi offers a collection of 266 short texts. Some are clearly parables; others are simple stories, quotations, memories, and commentaries. Resembling Benjamin Franklins Almanac or the epigrams of Chamfort as much as it does work from ancient sages, this collection of miniatures distills a life devoted to teaching and awareness. Any person living a considered life, whether secular humanist or religious seeker, will find this a book of rich inspiration.

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