Merkaba (Bloodstone)
Merkaba (Bloodstone)

Merkaba (Bloodstone)

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You will receive one Bloodstone Merkaba stone, pouch and write up.

Bloodstone: Enhances physical/mental vitality. Reduces emotional/mental stress. Powerful physical healer. Stimulates movement of kundalini. Links root chakra with heart. Inner guidance, altruism, idealism. A highly evolved mineral. Chakra(s): Root, Heart.

This is a star tetrahedron consisting of a two interpenetrating three-sided pyramids that form a three-dimensional Star of David. Symbolically, it links the mind, heart, and body in a way that produces the MerKaBa. This term means “chariot”? in Hebrew. In the eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt, it ment MER (rotating fields of light), KA (spirit), and BA (soul).
MerKaBa activates the protective love of the Universe and awakens, heals, and transforms on the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional levels.

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