Lux the Poet
Lux the Poet

Lux the Poet

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Martin Millar (Author)
There is something about Lux. Hes a thief and a liar; he is selfish and self-absorbed and hopelessly vain. But while he looks like Lana Turner and romances like a true Casanova, Lux is actually more like a bumbling, oblivious Mary Tyler Moore.

Amid shouting mobs, police shields, and the hurled bricks of the 80s Brixton riots, Lux is searching for Pearlthe love of his life. Her home has been burned down by a stray petrol bomb, and shes searching for sanctuary along with her friend Nicky. Nicky is traumatized after having killed her computerher best friendand is herself being followed by Happy Science PLC. It is their plan to breed a superior next generation by implanting the sperm of genius men inside beautiful women. She knows too much about the plan. Lux is helped in his quest by Kalia, a castaway of Heaven attempting to get back in Gods good graces by performing one million good deeds over countless lifetimes. Theres also a thrash metal band, a riot-party, past lives, and KY. Lots of KY.

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