Lucky Jim [Paperback]
Lucky Jim [Paperback]

Lucky Jim [Paperback]

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James Hart (Author), Carl Bernstein (Foreword)

Lucky Jim is Jim Hart’s memoir, the story of how he survived a violent childhood home, found incredible words inside him, created a love that was both so right and so wrong, and finally found the strength to be his true self.

Jim is a master at building relationships. Charming, funny, and a great listener with a guru’s insight, his success in life and business was based on his ability to connect with others, from people recovering in 12-step groups in Upstate New York to those living in the rarified air of Martha’s Vineyard. But after 20+ years sober, one slip-up triggered an active addiction that threatened his relationships with his then-wife, singer-songwriter Carly Simon, his recovery friends, his severely disabled son, and even with himself as he began to confront his sexuality.

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