Low-carb Meals in Minutes
Low-carb Meals in Minutes

Low-carb Meals in Minutes

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Gassenheimer, Linda
The Zone, the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, Protein Power - today's hottest diets depend on one thing: cutting carbohydrates. But it's tough to do so when you're eating on the go. Low-Carb Meals in Minutes gives the millions of people trying to eat healthier and lose weight exactly what they need: six weeks of complete low-carb meals that go from the cutting board to the table in no time. The book includes 126 menus divided into three sections, including
*Quick Start: For the introductory period, when carbohydrates are reduced to jump-start weight loss and eliminate food cravings
*Which Carbs: For the transition period, when carbohydrates are reintroduced
*Right Carbs: For a permanent regimen, with a healthy balance of 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat, and 40 percent carbohydrate. In each section, recipes are provided for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. All are nutritionally well-balanced and low in saturated fat. Also included are easy-to-follow instructions, cooking tips, convenient shopping lists, and timesaving suggestions.

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