Living the Qabalistic Tarot (RWW)
Living the Qabalistic Tarot (RWW)

Living the Qabalistic Tarot (RWW)

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Amber Jayanti
Living the Tarot is a 22-week course, a book version of author Amber Jayantis popular and widely acclaimed tarot classes. Unlike other books that focus heavily on theory, background, and card interpretations, Living the Tarot offers readers a step-by-step guide to experiencing tarot in their daily lives. Jayanti combines years of teaching tarot and Qabalah into an accessible guide that even beginners can experience at their own pace and comfort level. Experienced tarot students will find fascinating connections between Qabalah and tarot to deepen their daily experience of tarot. Each of the 22 lessons is followed by suggestions and guidelines for practical application and integration into everyday life, as well as testimonials from tarot students about the power of tarot to transform daily living.

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