Little Lord Farting Boy
Little Lord Farting Boy

Little Lord Farting Boy

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Turdlow, Scootchie
Arty the bear is one of the nicest, smartest boys at school. He's good at everything he does, including sports, schoolwork, and drawing - but there's just one small problem. He farts. Everywhere. All the time. He farts in class, on the playground, and in front of his classmates. The other students (a skunk, raccoon, and moose) take to teasing him and blaming him whenever anyone farts. In fact, one of the older boys, Benny, plays pranks and pawns them off on Arty constantly. Yet even though he's the butt of constant jokes, Arty manages to keep his spirits up until one day his teacher assigns Little Lord Fauntleroy for the class reading assignment. The illustrations in the children's classic look just like Arty, and soon he can't escape the dreaded nickname that Benny bestows upon him: "Little Lord Farting Boy." The teasing gets so bad that Arty's mother decides to enroll him in T'ai Chi for self-defense - but can he ever learn to deal with his classmates? Arty's in-your-face message for the school bully inspires young readers to stand up for themselves.

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