Life-Changing Affirmations (RWW)
Life-Changing Affirmations (RWW)

Life-Changing Affirmations (RWW)

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Vicky Thompson
In Life-Changing Affirmations, you'll find a spiritual practice that can be done in just minutes a day--in the shower, on the way to work, while watching a child's soccer game--change your life. The 30-day plan promotes a deeper awareness of five key spiritual qualities--love, intuition, inner wisdom, forgiveness, and service. Each daily affirmation and short meditation focuses on a specific spiritual state such as grace, power, or creativity.

"As God created the universe the seed of creation was planted in me. I open my seed of creativity, inviting new ways of living to flow forth. In this moment, I create heaven on earth in me."

Following the program brings about changes in the way we handle daily stresses and problems. On days 1 through 5, learn to fuel change. On days 6 through 11, focus on developing in intuitive spiritual practice. The affirmations and meditations for days 12 through 18 help access inner wisdom and the strength to look deeper into our life issues. On days 19 through 24, use the tools of forgiveness. And, on days 25 through 30, focus on using your spiritual energy to serve yourself and others.

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