Let Go and Let Miracles Happen (RWW)

Let Go and Let Miracles Happen (RWW)

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Kathy Cordova
Attractive, intelligent, and ambitious Kathy Cordova grew up living by the mantra that she was "not enough." Not thin enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough. Constantly struggling to prove herself, Cordova became a successful, but stressed-out sales executive who continued a pattern of overwork that left her feeling depleted and dissatisfied.

After the birth of her first child, a colicky baby who went through a number of nannies, Cordova finally figured out the Universe was giving her a message – to give it up. She quit her job, letting go of her grand ambitions and the logic of her head to follow her heart and stay home with her daughter. As she adjusted to her new life, Cordova learned that there is no magic formula for happiness. Instead of working so hard to find her bliss, she learned to relax, go with the flow, tune into her intuition, and experience a sense of purpose and harmony by practicing spiritual surrender. In Part I, the author recounts her personal experiences, revealing how spiritual surrender can be much more powerful—and effective—than constant striving, or toughing it out at all costs. Based on wisdom drawn from the Bible and contemporary books such as A Course in Miracles, Cordova dispels common misperceptions about surrender (it’s not a defeat or an escape for the lazy) and outlines a three-step process to experience the peace of surrender in any situation. She shows how "what we resist persists," and how to give up beliefs that hold us back, like struggle, fear, ego, and competition. By clarifying the differences between intentions, goals, and results, Cordova explains how to "keep your dreams, and lose your expectations." While hard to believe in our go-go culture, Cordova affirms how giving up our need for control, fully and deeply accepting circumstances, and acting with love and intuition is often the wisest course of "action."

In Let Go, Let Miracles Happen, Cordova illustrates the four different types of spiritual surrender and how, when faced with adversity, we can grow and heal, and experience miracles:

1. Letting Go of what is not working in our lives. Anger, fear, resentment, perfectionism, struggle, ego, and the need for approval are just some of the emotions and beliefs that don't serve us. We may also need to let go of an abusive relationship, a dead-end job, or our preconceived ideas of how situations and people should be. Releasing the negative in our lives makes room for the positive - like love, serendipity, and abundance.

2. Surrendering a Problem to God/A Higher Power/The Universe. This is the type of surrender that many of us have experienced. After all, if we're in a painful situation, and just don't have the will to fight any longer, what have we got to lose if we give up the whole mess up to a Higher Power? If we can ask for help, surrender our will, have faith, and listen for the answer, we can experience miracles.

3. Going with the Flow means giving up our belief in the struggle and learning to swim with the current in our lives and the Divine guidance of our intuition. We usually hear about this type of surrender when someone faces some terrible adversity that leads them to change their path and listen to their heart. Like the person whose successful, but unfulfilling, life is transformed by a serious illness that finally compels her to give up her frantic pace, rediscover the value of her family and spiritual life, and pursue a life-long passion.

4. Surrendering to Love. Love is not always the easiest or the most popular path. We get angry, we feel hurt, and sometimes it seems safer to shut down or to attack than to love. The path of least resistance is often going along with the crowd, and the crowd might not have the most loving mindset. There are times we've held back our love, out of fear of being vulnerable. Life is transformed when we choose love over fear and anger.

Part II is an inspirational collection of stories from people who have suffered everything from addictions to terminal diseases, profound disappointments to perpetual disillusionment, and triumphed. Whether the people profiled forgave their parents, quit miserable jobs, gave up drugs, or surrendered to love during the grief of caring for a dying child, these intimate, miraculous, hopeful and inspiring tales leave the reader transformed.

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