King Jesus: From Egypt (Kam) to Camelot

King Jesus: From Egypt (Kam) to Camelot

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Ralph Ellis (Author)
This book resolves the biggest secret and international conspiracy of all time - the true origins of Christianity.

On a quest to confirm that St Paul (Saul) was Josephus Flavius, Ralph Ellis has discovered and exposed many new perspectives on the life of the biblical Jesus, who was actually a king:

"The title 'christ' or 'messiah' often signified the same as 'king'." Theologian, Adam Clarke.

Contrary to orthodox perceptions, King Jesus and Queen Mary Magdalene were the richest couple in Syrio-Judaea. The Romans wanted to impose taxes on Jesus and Mary, an imposition that provoked the Jewish Rebellion.King Jesus fought and lost that war, and so he was crucified, reprieved and sent into exile in Roman England. In those remote lands, King Jesus became known as Atur-tii (the Egyptian) or 'King Arthur and the twelve disciples of the Last Supper Table'. This identification of Jesus as a wealthy, royal, warrior-hero of first century Judaea may sound bizarre, but that is what the texts say. All research and quotations are from original sources, including the New Testament, Tanakh, Talmud, Josephus, Origen, Eusebius, Irenaeus, Herodian, Suetonius, Tacitus and many others besides.

This is a secret history that has been deliberately concealed from us for two millennia - for those feet, in ancient times, did indeed walk upon England's mountains green!

The sequel to this book is "Jesus, King of Edessa", and this book will finally locate King Jesus-Izas in the historical record, and discover a 1st century statue of Jesus, and a 1st century coin of Jesus.

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