Karmic Facts & Fallacies
Karmic Facts & Fallacies

Karmic Facts & Fallacies

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Ina Marx (Author)
While metaphysical practices and techniques are accepted as part of everyday life by many, such ideas are still suppressed, ridiculed and misrepresented by the general media as esoteric flim-flam. But, like it or not, we are besieged by such way-out (and to some, downright spooky-sounding) topics as celestial prophecies, near- and after-death experiences, encounters with angels and extraterrestrials, UFO abductions, and much more. These phenomena are exploited in literature, TV, film and plays, and are sensationalised by the news media. The popularity of these subjects proves that both believers and disbelievers continue to be curious.This is a book which provides inspiration and insight for both the dedicated New Age seeker, and for the average person who may be bewildered by New Age lingo and puzzled by its ideas. "Karmic Facts & Fallacies" demystifies such topics as karma, reincarnation, faith-healing, Yoga, and meditation, and motivates the seeker, the sceptic and the stoic alike to integrate esoteric practices into their lives.

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