Journey Through Fear [Paperback]
Journey Through Fear [Paperback]

Journey Through Fear [Paperback]

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Antoinette Lee Howard (Author)

Fear is the strongest emotion that a human has. It is both paralyzing and destructive. Once you make a judgment, you enter your personal version of solitary confinement. You do not need cement-block walls and a distant, barred view of the sky to be imprisoned in fear. Judgment is where we begin. Once you judge a situation or issue and the person behind it as bad or good, wrong or right, you feel separate from the person you blame, and ultimately from all life. This sense of isolation contaminates you with fear, up to and including the fear of death and life. Exchange judgment for acceptance, and you walk free. The potential inherent in acceptance, rather than judgment, is vast. Once enough of us change our thoughts, society begins to change. Once one-tenth of humanity chooses to leave fear behind, we can make the transition from the darkness of dissension, destruction, and war to the light of peace. Your and my journey through fear contains the promise of Utopia.

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