Join the Golden Rule Revolution - Practice One Habit Each Month of the Year [Paperback]
Join the Golden Rule Revolution - Practice One Habit Each Month of the Year [Paperback]

Join the Golden Rule Revolution - Practice One Habit Each Month of the Year [Paperback]

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Elaine Parke (Author)

*WARNING: This book is habit-forming. *May cause a happier life.

MORE nourishing than chicken soup. A refreshing year-round recipe of daily treats - all organized into lively monthly themes that transform Golden Rule Habits into happiness. Start a REVOLUTION of your own. Give this book to friends and family.

Everyone should have this book. Its a recipe for getting organized about what we can all do to inspire a revolution of caring. It is a PLAN to help us forge random acts into kindness by practicing the same 12 aspects of Golden Rule Living at the same time.

Readers enjoy 365 days of crisp yet heartwarming quotes, poems, anecdotes, and action-tips - all coordinated into monthly themes. Based on habit-forming marketing principles that shape buying habits, the call-to-action monthly themes include, "Lend a Hand," in January, "Be Patient & Listen," during October, and "Take Care of Our Environment," for April. Joining the Revolution takes only a few moments of time each day.

Each months unique personality emphasizes the special essence of its Golden Rule message. There are little jokes in November to highlight Show a Positive Attitude, and short time-outs for March when we practice Resolve Conflicts. There are praise phrases to express Be Appreciative in May and brief biographies of people who Do Your Best in September.

JOIN THE GOLDEN RULE REVOLUTION is modeled on the Caring Habit of the Month Adventure, an award-winning public school violence prevention and social skills program created by the author, Elaine Parke. It encourages all of us to practice the universal GOLDEN RULE -- Treat others the way you would like to be treated. One reader commented, Your writing style makes me feel like I am a good friend you are talking with. I am inspired. Another said, It already makes me feel like I belong. What a great way to belong - by being a better person.

This is finally a book that helps us, more than tells us all, how to be happy. It is a reformation of human spirit whose time has come. Everyone at any age, will enjoy its journey to a richer and more meaningful life.

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