It's Twins!: Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy through Adolescence

It's Twins!: Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy through Adolescence

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Susan Heim
Raising any child is a challenge, but what happens when they come as a pair? As any parent of multiples will tell you, sometimes only talking with another parent who's been there can get you through the difficult times and help you to cherish the moments that make twins truly "double the love." In this complete guide to raising multiples from infancy through the high-school years, Susan M. Heim, a mother of twins herself, offers the insight and advice that only a mother of multiples can give.

It's Twins arms parents with the information they need, from decisions about breast-feeding versus formula and classroom placement, to dispelling myths about twins and ensuring equal treatment while fostering individuality and combating competitiveness. Best of all, It's Twins outdoes all those "dry" parenting manuals by offering chatty, bite-size bits of real-world wisdom and experiences from other moms and dads at various stages of twin-rearing, making this guide not just informative but entertaining as well.

A former Senior Editor for HCI's bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Susan M. Heim is the author of "Twice the Love: Stories of Inspiration for Families of Twins, Multiples and Singletons" and co-author of "Oh, Baby! 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year."

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