Is Jehovah an E.T.?
Is Jehovah an E.T.?

Is Jehovah an E.T.?

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Dorothy Leon
This book describes: The origins and activities of various space beings who have posed as "gods". Pinpoints the many Biblical scriptures and other "sacred texts" that describe spacecraft. Exposes recent alien visitations that have inspired modern religions.

Using quotes from Biblical scriptures and other sacred writings, this book offers new interpretations to cherished concepts.

* Jehovah and JHWH are not the same beings.
* We were manipulated and duped by E.T.'s posing as "gods".
* There is a True God far beyond these imposters.
* The "Ark of the Covenant" was a communication device.
* Jesus was sent to nullify Jehovah, the "Father of Lies".
* Jesus taught us to see beyond the controlling E.T.'s to the inner Devine Forces.

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