Intuition @ Work (RWW)
Intuition @ Work (RWW)

Intuition @ Work (RWW)

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James Wanless
Intuition @ Work is full of James Wanless's tried and true wisdom on how to wring success from life at all levels. Using the workplace as his main focus, he reveals the inner workings of intuition and how it can be utilized to create an authentic life by first "feeling the feeling." Businesspeople must look to the future, be innovative, make difficult decisions in uncertain conditions, be adroit at handling relationships, and keep moving with action and energy under the pressure of performance - all qualities that intuition feeds. Wanless introduces techniques he's developed: symbolic picture taking strategic story telling creative walking deliberate dreaming truth humming intellectual loafing Intuitive fitness is ours when we follow these practices daily. Wanless shows how intuition can improve careers and relationships, and make decisions that ring true to intention. The book is punctuated with quotes from thinkers like Einstein, Paul Gauguin, Helen Keller, Walt Disney, and Emily Dickinson, among many others.

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