Induced After Death Communication: A Miraculous Therapy for Grief and Loss [Paperback] (DMGD)

Induced After Death Communication: A Miraculous Therapy for Grief and Loss [Paperback] (DMGD)

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*** This is a new, never read book. It has a few blemishes such as a crease or edge-wear on the cover, remainder mark, but it is still crisp and new on the inside and it makes for a great reading copy. ***

Allan L. Botkin PsyD (Author), Raymond A. Moody Jr PhD MD (Foreword), R. Craig Hogan PhD (Contributor)

Induced After Death Communication (IADC) is a therapy for grief and trauma that has helped thousands of people come to terms with their loss by allowing them the experience of private communication with their departed loved ones. This is the definitive book on the subject.

Botkin, a clinical psychologist, created the therapy while counseling Vietnam veterans in his work at a Chicago area VA hospital. Botkin recounts his initial--accidental--discovery of IADC during therapy sessions with Sam, a Vietnam vet haunted by the memory of a Vietnamese girl he couldn't save. During the session, quite unexpectedly, Sam saw a vision of the girl's spirit, who told him everything was okay; she was at peace now. This single moment surpassed months--years--of therapy, and allowed Sam to reconnect with his family.

Since that 1995 discovery, Botkin has used IADC to successfully treat countless patients--the book includes dozens of case examples--and has taught the procedure to therapists around the country.

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