I Must Confess
I Must Confess

I Must Confess

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Rupert Smith
A stinging satire of tell-all showbiz memoirs starring a self-deluded gay icon who has managed to ride every pop culture trend of the last forty years. Marc LeJeune has had a remarkable career in the entertainment business. Despite the carping of critics, cruel twists of fate, and the treachery of former friends who were blind to his exceptional dramatic and musical talents, he has remained true to his unique artistic vision. From his early days as the face of Swinging London, to the late 1960s avant garde theater scene, through the sexually liberated cinema of the 1970s, to his current status as a much-loved household name and TV favorite, he tells all in this, his own astonishing story.

Through this fabulous parody of the showbiz confession, Rupert Smith has created a witty and scathing satire of popular culture and entertainment over the last forty years. Marc LeJeune is a brilliant comic creation, inspired by Smiths many years of interviewing celebrities for Time Out and writing about showbiz in The Guardian (U.K.).

"One of the funniest and most ambitious novels I have read in ages.... Rupert Smith offers us nothing less than a comic history of popular culture. His eye and ear are acute, his parodies lethally accurate."
-- Jonathan Coe author of The Closed Circle

In 1998, gay English author Rupert Smith took his turn at the bat when he wrote I Must Confess: Celebrity Tells All. Though that first British edition is sadly out of print, I Must Confess has now been reissued by America's own Cleis Press (256 pages).

Like Dennis's Belle Poitrine, Smith's Marc LeJeune (born Mark Young) is a one-man microcosm of pop culture, having experienced the full gamut of English celebrity life from "swinging London" in the sixties to New York "erotic cinema" in the seventies and British TV stardom in the 1980's and 1990's. Though Smith gave his fictional Marc LeJeune a more graphic sex life (gay or otherwise) than Dennis dared to give Little Me's Belle Poitrine, I Must Confess lacks the charming series of staged photos that Dennis used to illustrate Belle's life story.

On the other hand, I Must Confess benefits from Smith's intimate knowledge of English pop culture and the role that gay people (in or out of the closet) play in it. All in all, I Must Confess: Celebrity Tells All is a wonderful read, one that is funny, sexy and - yes - campy." -- Jesse Monteagudo
--AfterElton.com April 2008

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Cleis Press (August 28, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1573442895
ISBN-13: 978-1573442893

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