How to Be a Goddess (RWW)
How to Be a Goddess (RWW)

How to Be a Goddess (RWW)

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Valerie Khoo
Meet the Greek Goddesses' Athena, gorgeous, creative, practical, tough-girl protectress; Demeter & Persephone, a mother and daughter combo in charge of fertility and abundance, able to overcome the depths of hell; Aphrodite, goddess of love, with a lust for life; Artemis, strong and independent; Hestia, patron of personal security and hospitality. How to Be a Goddess draws on the ageless examples of the Greek goddesses to help readers tap into their own inner goddesses and embrace excitement, success, and happiness.

Valerie Khoo introduces six goddesses: retells their stories and encapsulates the attributes for which each is admired. Together or separately, these Goddess-gals have a lot of clout, and Khoo shows us how to call on their inspiration to change our own lives. With chapters on career, love, domesticity, beauty, and money, How to Be a Goddess can help any woman find new inspiration in ancient wisdom. How to Be a Goddess is packed with stories, exercises, and good ideas for harnessing your inner goddess to turn dreams into reality.

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