Houses of the Horoscope: An Introduction
Houses of the Horoscope: An Introduction

Houses of the Horoscope: An Introduction

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Alan Oken
Every astrologer needs a good understanding on the astrological houses, and Houses of the Horoscope: An Introduction provides a practical and valuable sourcebook. Alan Oken masterfully guides you through the concepts of the meanings and the nature of the twelve astrological houses. He provides a core description of the twelve areas of life delineated by the astrological house system. The energy of each of the planets in the houses tells us where on earth that planets energy lands and what area of our life it highlights. He gives a masterful analysis of how the astrological signs on the house cusps and the planets ruling the signs on houses express the nature of each house. The houses describe both the area of life expressed and aspects of the self in the horoscope. The planets are the what of your life. The signs the how of your life. The houses are the where of your life. Alan Oken provides masterful guidance to understanding the astrological houses and their interaction with the other elements of the horoscope.

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