Horse Medicine - Hardcover
Horse Medicine - Hardcover

Horse Medicine - Hardcover

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Tony Stromberg
What is it about horses that draws people in so deeply? Why is it that horses hold meaning and symbolism across cultures around the world? Why do so many of us experience horses as not just beautiful creatures but wise and healing teachers? These are some of the questions that revered equine photographer Tony Stromberg set out to answer with his best photos from the past half decade. The resulting collection more than meets Strombergï¾’s goal of highlighting and honoring the mysterious ways horses and humans can bring out the best, the highest, and the most powerful in one another.

After more than a decade as one of San Franciscoï¾’s top commercial photographers, Tony Stromberg followed an inner yearning for more space and stillness and moved to New Mexico to pursue his true passion in fine art photography of his favorite subject, the horse. Tony travels throughout the western United States and Europe in search of the elusive and mysterious spirit of the wild horse, attempting to capture the freedom and power of his subjects on film. He works with the Bureau of Land Management as well as numerous wildlife sanctuaries and private ranches. He conducts workshops on horse photography. His photographs appear in select galleries throughout the world.

"Horse Medicine is not only a work of art but a vessel to open our minds to the healing magic of these magnificent creatures."
ï¾— Natural Horse Magazine

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