Hepatitis C Handbook, The
Hepatitis C Handbook, The

Hepatitis C Handbook, The

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Dolan, Matthew
The Hepatitis C Handbook describes the origins and prevalence of a viral infection that is fast becoming one of the most feared and yet common diseases of our time. Originally published in the U.K., the book includes contributions from internationally renowned specialists and the experiences of patients. This book will help patients and health professionals address hepatitis C from an informed perspective.

Twice as big as the original, this second edition contains exhaustive research into all aspects of this widely misunderstood and serious medical condition. Matthew Dolan covers all aspects of the virus: its prevalence and variations; course and symptoms; theories, origins and epidemiology; transmission; and testing issues. He also thoroughly addresses treatment options (conventional medicine; Traditional Chinese medicine; Western herbal medicine; vitamins, minerals and amino acids; homeopathy; naturopathy; and no treatment at all), lifestyle issues (diet, alcohol, drugs, exercise, yoga, Qi Gong; and stress), and includes appendices on the immune system and models of viral persistence. The Hepatitis C Handbook is essential reading for all concerned with, or affected by, hepatitis C.

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