Hell's Belles (RWW)

Hell's Belles (RWW)

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Seale Ballenger
Bad seeds, belles-lettres, rule breakers, shrieking violets, bar belles--how could any collection of impudent sketches that celebrates and lampoons the American Southern belle go wrong? Most of the women on these pages are instantly recognizable. Among those whose exploits or imagination vaulted them to fame are writers Carson McCullers and Anne Rice; emancipator Harriet Tubman; actress and one-time town owner Kim Basinger; ex-Black Panther Angela Davis; '30s outlaw Bonnie Parker; and mascara maven Tammy Faye Baker. A few little-knowns and relative newcomers have elbowed their way on stage, too: Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard out of Carolina; Anna Edson Taylor, the first barrel-rider over Niagra Falls; and women's basketball star Luisa Harris-Stewart.

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